ABOUT THE ROYAL ORDER - Objects and Purposes

The Order shall be an Order of Honour for acts in demonstration of:

  • The encouragement of all that makes for the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind and Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in particular;
  • The encouragement and promotion of all work of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger, without distinction of race, class or creed as embodied in the unofficial Motto “Pro Rex, Pro Humanitas, Pro Iustitia”;
  • The award of medals or certificates of honor for special services in the cause of humanity, especially for saving life at imminent personal risk;
  • The maintenance and development of “The Most Honourable Order of Omukama Chwa II. Kabalega, unincorporated Non-Profit Association and the humanitarian endeavours connected therewith;
  • The formation and administration of establishments, councils, associations, centres or other subordinate bodies to facilitate the work of the Order in local geographical areas, as needed;
  • The maintenance of contact and the development of collaboration with kindred Orders and bodies;
  • The manufacture and distribution by sale or presentation of publications, equipment or materials useful for or connected with furthering the objects and purposes of the Order;
  • The receipt and acceptance of donations, endowments and gifts of money, lands, hereditaments, stocks, funds, shares, securities or other assets whatsoever, and the borrowing, investing or raising of money with or without security for any objects or purposes of the Order and either subject to or free from any special trusts or conditions, as needed;
  • The maintenance, administration or development of all real and personal property vested in or under the control of the Order, and the sale, lease, mortgage, loan, exchange, gift, or any other disposition of the same as circumstances may arise or permit; and
  • The establishment and maintenance of libraries and museums and the collection of works of art and objects of historical interest relating to the Order, as needed.